GBC Book Highlight

September, 2022

Lessons from the Upper Room: The Heart of the Savior by Sinclair Ferguson

 Colossians 3:16 commands, “Let the Word of Christ dwell richly within you.” Sinclair Ferguson’s work Lessons from the Upper Room is the fruit of the rich indwelling of Christ’s Word in the author’s heart. This short book (only 223 small pages) is a theologically profound, expositionally clear, and devotionally rich treatment of Christ’s “Farewell Address'' to His disciples. 

Ferguson’s method is simple: he simply works section by section through John’s narrative of the Upper Room (John 13-16), including Christ’s priestly prayer (John 17). With remarkable pastoral insight, he pries into the heart of Christ revealed to us in this treasured portion of Scripture. In the author’s own words, “Lessons from the Upper Room is an invitation to spend a few hours with Jesus’ disciples, listening to His teaching and overhearing Him pray—both for them and for you.” 

It was our Lord who told His disciples—and it echoes beyond them down to all of us who are “His own”—that He spoke these things so that His joy may be in us and our joy may be made full (John 15:10). Meditation upon our Savior’s loving words and actions in those hours is an aid to the believer’s joy. This book will serve you well as you seek to meditate upon the glories of Christ in pursuit of His joy.

I commend Lessons from the Upper Room to you, especially as we take the next several months to study Jesus’ Farewell Discourse in our exposition of John’s Gospel.